From January 22 to 26  2018, Granada (Spain) was the city where the activities of the European Project “Sharing Innovative Teaching Methodologies Improving Employability Rates” (2017-1-ES01-KA202-038307) took place.


The academic institutions participants in these activities were C.P.I.F.P. Hurtado de Mendoza (Granada – Spain, Coordinator), Ester Mosessons Gymnasium (Gothemburg – Sweden, Partner), I.I. Einstein – Nebbia (Loreto – Italia, Partner) and Federación Provincial de Empresas de Hostelería y Turismo de Granada (Granada – Spain, Partner).


The activities developed during the week have been a “meeting point” for the students (coming from Sweden, Italy and Spain). The weekly schedule has been replete with teaching activities and learning experiences like workshops, cooking training and real catering services. Many of these activities and experiences happened in the facilities and classrooms provided by  C.P.I.F.P. Hurtado de Mendoza.


Moreover, the students and their respective coordinators visited some tourist companies of the city to know some representative examples of businesses and their work systems.


On the other hand, Federación took part in some of these events, like the official reception that the Mayor of Granada offered to the participants of the project at the City Council. Furthermore, Federación was in charge of an Entrepreneurship Course related to tourism business sector. The course took place throughout one whole morning in Hotel Los Angeles (Granada).


At the same time, along the week, the teachers and coordinators of the partaker academic institutions took part in Job Shadowing activities. Among the discussed topics it was analyzed different innovative methodologies, the educational and job training in Spain, the working of Federación Provincial de Empresas de Hostelería y Turismo de Granada and the study of different departments of C.P.I.F.P. Hurtado de Mendoza , as well as a tasting workshop of Spanish cheeses and wines.


In addition, there have been visits to some monumental and historic areas of the city of Granada, which have been an interesting cultural complement for the participants, particularly those coming from Sweden and Italy.


This meeting (January, from 22 to 26  2018) has been the first of some more that will be held in the different countries involved in the project. It has been a success, providing a high degree of satisfaction to the participants.


Thanks to this first meeting, the bases and objectives of the project “SHARING INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODOLOGIES IMPROVING EMPLOYABILITY RATES” (2017-1-ES01-KA202-038307), have been effectively set:

– The development of skills of the students of the tourism sector and hotel and catering business, by the utilization of innovative methodologies.

– The improvement of the entrepreneurship abilities.

– The support to social inclusion of the students.

– The increase of digital integration of the students.

– The increase of employability chances of the students.




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